How will service stations cope when the majority of cars on the road are electric?

How do you think motorway services will cope when, let's say, 50 per cent of cars on the road are electric? Will they ever have enough charge points for everyone?

Asked on 23 June 2020 by D BROWN

Answered by Andrew Brady
How often do you fill up with petrol or diesel at a motorway service station? Many of us prefer to fill up ahead of a long journey or when we reach our destination, as filling up at a motorway service station is prohibitively expensive. The latest EVs can cover more than 300 miles between charges (and this is increasing), which'll be sufficient for a lot of journeys by most people. Charging at a motorway service station (which, like filling up with petrol or diesel, is more expensive than charging elsewhere) will be seen as an emergency back-up option.
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