I had my MoT done before the extension. Should this then last 18 months?

My original MoT expiry date was 3 April 2020 but I had the test on 9 March 2020 and a new MoT was issued with an expiry date of 3 April 2021. Surely I'm being disadvantaged because my new MoT should last six months after 3 April 2021. I have raised this matter with DVSA but cannot get any sense from them!

Asked on 9 June 2020 by BJET

Answered by Dan Powell
The MoT extension isn't designed to be used in this way. It is a short-term measure that's intended to protect lives by giving vulnerable people the breathing space they need to keep their cars on the road for essential travel. It's not meant to be a free pass for every car owner to avoid the MoT for an extra six months.

Cars, vans and motorcycles that are due an MoT up until 31 July will automatically get a six-month extension - but this ends on 1 August 2020. If your MoT is due before 1 August 2020, you don't have to do anything. The MoT will automatically be renewed for six months. This means that if your car or van's MoT expires on 31 July, it doesn’t legally have to be MoT tested until January 2021. After that, though, mandatory MoT testing will return.
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