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I recently ordered a new Audi A3 from an Audi dealer. I added several options and negotiated a reasonable discount, bringing the purchase price to £23,000. I waited 10 weeks for the car; it arrived at the dealer this week but I was told on the telephone that the transporter company had caused minor damage, which I was led to believe was only a bent bumper that would be replaced, and would therefore take a further week. However when I arrived at the dealer yesterday to collect a courtesy car (my car had already gone to the body shop), and asked about the specific damage I was told that not only was the front bumper damaged, but also the grille. When I then specifically asked about the bonnet, they admitted that had sustained minor damage too, and all three sections would be replaced. I am really unhappy about this and am worried that there may be even more damage that is not being disclosed. I would be very grateful for your advice as to whether I should reject the car outright without even seeing it, or at least ask for a substantial discount on the purchase price when it eventually turns up next week.

Asked on 4 September 2010 by CL, Haverhill

Answered by Honest John
I replied, “Transporter damage is common. I have bought cars slightly cheaper with transporter damage. The thing to do is give them the opportunity to fix it, and also reduce the price you pay for it by a couple of thousand.” (In fact, CL got £1,500 back and a repair he was completely satisfied with. He was very happy with the service
from Bury St Edmunds Audi.)
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