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Will a pick-up's DPF be okay with mostly short trips?

I currently have a BMW 1 Series diesel that has a DPF fitted. I drive two daily trips of 15 miles with quite a bit of traffic. Over six years of ownership, I have not currently had any DPF issues but am looking to upgrade my vehicle to a new 1.9 Isuzu D-Max. Are all DPF’s similar enough to provide me with an understanding of if I may experience any problems with this vehicle under the same driving conditions?

Asked on 15 May 2020 by Darren Gough

Answered by Dan Powell
All DPFs are not equal. And this makes it annoyingly difficult to predict how they react to low mileages. Some are fine, most are not. As a general rule, I advise a minimum of 15-miles per journey to justify a Euro6 diesel. But I would be concerned with something like the D-MAX because pick-ups are generally designed for high-milages.
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