Why does my new car veer off course if I go onto the raised white lines?

I have a brand new BMW X5. I got a big fright when, at around 60mph, on a dual carriageway the steering wheel was suddenly jerked out of my hands. It felt like the wheels were stuck in rail tracks and I had to wrestle the car back into my lane. I finally worked out the car does this, without warning, if the wheels go onto raised white lines, or the "join" line on the tarmac. The dealership is currently closed. I will not drive the car until this is resolved. Is this an issue you have come across before? I would appreciate your advice.

Asked on 27 April 2020 by Harry Clark

Answered by Dan Powell
This will be the activation of the Lane Change Departure warning system - it's designed prevent the car from drifting out of its lane on the motorway. You can switch it off or lessen the impact via the BMW iDrive controller. The owner's manual will also show you how to do this.
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