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I own a 2003 Ford Mondeo Ghia Estate 2.0 TDCi (130). The car has run very well since I acquired it when 12 months old. Last year I hit a pothole that resulted in the front offside spring fracturing. I subsequently had both springs replaced as recommended by the RAC who came to my assistance. The work was undertaken my local Ford dealer I have used for many years. Following the fitting of the new springs a rumbling drone set in which is more pronounced when driving at 60 to 70 mph down a motorway. The Ford dealer has checked the car twice to identify the noise twice and finally suggested I renew the tyres as they can become 'lumpy' when getting old. As two of the tyres were nearing replacement it seemed a reasonable thing to do anyway so I replaced the front two (the back had a new one six months ago and an old one which is not yet below the limit). This still provided no improvement so I advised the garage who stated that it was probably the economy tyres I use. I might have accepted this argument but I have been using this make of tyre for nearly 40,000 miles with absolutely no problem in fact passengers have complemented me on the ride quality. The tyres are size 205/50 ZR17. Have you any ideas what might be causing the noise? Is it just a case of replacing the last remaining old tyre on the car?

Asked on 24 July 2010 by SW, Malvern

Answered by Honest John
Tyre noise increases the more a tyre wears and is particularly noticeable from low profile tyres. I think the noise is from the remaining worn tyre. Might also be a wheel bearing, but the garage would have considered that in making its diagnosis. Might need a '4 way laser alignment' at a branch of www.alignmycar.co.uk And, of course, though you think you are buying the same tyres, the compound may have changed.
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