Is there a known fault with the engines on 1-litre Ford Fiestas?

We have a 2016 1-litre Ford Fiesta. A red engine light came on, so we booked a service at Halfords. They stated that there's an internal sensor that is not accessible and the engine is no good so would need to be replaced. We rang a reputable garage who told us that this is a common complaint and they already have a similar car in their workshop. They've been waiting nine weeks for Ford to answer. Is this a genuine fault. Any advice on what we should do next?

Asked on 6 April 2020 by Barry Brockbank

Answered by Dan Powell
This could be an issue with the degas pipe from the turbo to the coolant expansion tank. We have had a number of reports of the pipe failing and causing the engine to lose its coolant and overheat.

Ford did develop a fix for this problem (in the form of a modified pipe) but it was never part of a mandatory DVLA recall. This means the work was only carried out on cars that were serviced by Ford dealers. if your daughter's car has been serviced outside the Ford dealer network for the past few years then I imagine the pipe work has been left unchecked.

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