Our secondhand Ford Focus suffered coolant failure - should we take it to a main dealer for repairs?

We had what sounds like coolant failure in our Ford Focus EcoBoost Estate this week. Unfortunately it happened in France and we are in the process of organising repatriation. As this appears to be a known problem, would you recommend getting it to go to our known local garage, or straight to the main dealer? We bought it secondhand from a supermarket and have never dealt with the dealer.

Asked on 28 August 2018 by chris evans

Answered by Honest John
Ford should have organised a DVLA recall for this problem, which is wholly of its own making due to a design defect of the degas pipe from the turbo to the expansion tank. Ford has fixed this with a modified degas pipe on cars that are regularly service by its dealers, but used Fords routinely aren't and they are the cars that are suffering overheated engines due to failure of the degas pipes.
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