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My wife has a Volkswagen Polo S 1.2 64PS registered 06. The VW dealer has told her that she should have the cambelt changed as the car is 4 years old. But it has only done 30,000 miles and I thought the cambelt change was based on mileage rather than years. They will do it for the special price of £379 instead of £500. At the same time they told her the brake fluid should be changed – despite changing it in February this year (or at least charging for it) but that is another story that I will take up with them.

Asked on 24 July 2010 by WB, via email

Answered by Honest John
Better call in the Fraud Squad because if it's a 1.2, that is a 3-cylinder engine held together by a chain, not a belt, so this is a clear attempt to relieve you of £379 for nothing. Alternatively the dealer may have recruited his workshop receptionist from the monkey cage at a zoo. Yes, ideally, brake fluid should be changed every 2 or every 3 years, but can be tested for moisture content to see if this is necessary.
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