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Cutting out the VAT

I have decided to consult your experience after my father’s unwavering belief in your reviews for years. I am a British army officer currently posted in Germany. Thus I am looking into the possibilities of getting a tax-free car. Do you know how to go about taking advantage of this perk of being deployed overseas and how much one would expect off? On top of this I would like your opinion on what car to get. Most of my peers have Audi A3s, VW Golfs or BMW 1 Series. I am looking for something of similar size but capable of going smaller and want it to stand out from the crowd in the camps car park (thinking maybe an Alfa). Looking to spend around £15,000. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Asked on 10 July 2010 by NA, via email

Answered by Honest John
These are the specialists in VAT-free and discounted cars for members of the armed forces serving overseas (effectively in Europe): Go for a Citroen DS3 1.6 THP 150, as in this test and video: It's sweeter than an A3 or Golf and I'd far rather have one than a 1-Series. Jeremy Clarkson liked it.
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