My scooter broke and the manufacturer is refusing to issue a recall - what should I do?

I bought a new Lexmoto Aspire 50 in June 2019. The batch was recalled six weeks later for frame breakage issues. The replacement bike failed with a complete breakage of the main frame and supporting struts less than six months later. The bike was essentially held together by the petrol tank, which split during transport back to the dealer. The dealer has been nothing but helpful, but Lexmoto have completely stonewalled, refused to take any responsibility for putting the 16 year old owner’s life at risk and have not done a recall. Legal advice says the contract is with the dealer and only he can take action. I’m thinking of approaching consumer programs as this is a really serious issue, particularly as this was a replacement for a possibly faulty bike.

Asked on 12 March 2020 by Lissy

Answered by Georgia Petrie
You're correct, the contract is with the dealer. While they may seem helpful, they're trying to pass the buck as they were the ones that sold you the faulty bike. If they refuse to assist, we'd suggest getting some free legal advice from Citizen's Advice.
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