Can we afford an eco-friendly car?

We currently have a diesel Skoda Superb. We are looking to change it for the most eco-friendly car we can afford. The Superb is a 2016 model with about 40,000 miles on the clock so we have that to trade in and about £5000 - £7000 extra. Are there any cars that are either electric or hybrid (which might be the only thing available in our price range) that you'd suggest? We like the space of the Superb but could go a bit smaller. Ideally, not smaller than a saloon or crossover.

Asked on 6 March 2020 by

Answered by Andrew Brady
You could probably get an electric Nissan Leaf or Kia Soul EV within budget, but I'm not sure either will be big enough for your needs. How about a plug-in hybrid like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV? This is a good compromise if you can charge a car at home and you regularly cover short journeys. Most of your journeys can be under electric power with the backup of a petrol engine if required. PHEVs can be thirsty on longer journeys without regular charging, however. Alternatively, consider a conventional hybrid like a Lexus IS 300h or Kia Niro.
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