Do you think EV prices will come down, and the better ranges will be worth waiting for?

My wife and I are thinking of buying an electric car. We have a 10-year-old diesel Ford S-Max with 70,000 miles on the clock. We got it as a family workhorse when we used to tow a caravan. We'd now like to take our eco-responsibilities seriously but we’re in no hurry. It looks like a lot more electric vehicles will be launched in 2020. Do you think prices will come down, and the better ranges will be worth waiting for?

Asked on 3 March 2020 by David W

Answered by Andrew Brady
As electric cars continue to develop, it's fair to say ranges ought to improve and prices will reduce over time. That said, 2020 seems to be a good year for EVs, with lots of new models on their way offering usable ranges and reasonable value for money. I've just driven the new Kia Soul which has a range of 280 miles and a £33,795 price tag, which seems pretty convincing. There's also the new Volkswagen ID.3 on its way, which'll have a range of up to 342 miles.
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