Can you recommend a small estate car that doesn't have all the gadgets under the bonnet that cost serious money to repair?

I currently own a Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDI having bought in used from the main dealer. I have suffered a new clutch and DMF (fortunately under warranty) at 40k miles and now I have to fork out for an EGR valve at 70k. I'm getting some clutch judder again too. I longed for an Octavia but now can't wait to get shot of it. I will be doing about 18k a year with a lot of trips on motorways. I'm thinking diesel is no longer an option for the sake of the environment, my pocket and my sanity. Can you recommend a small estate car, probably petrol, that is economic, comfortable and reliable without all the gadgets under the bonnet that cost serious money to repair? I will likely buy used.

Asked on 3 March 2020 by Graham Mann

Answered by Andrew Brady
I wouldn't necessarily dismiss diesel despite the issues with your Octavia - it sounds like it'd suit your mileage well. I'd suggest looking at the latest Ford Focus estate or Kia Ceed SW - both very good cars. The Kia comes with a seven-year warranty when new, and this is transferable to the second owner so should put your mind at rest.
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