Wife drove off while I had our keyless fob in my pocket. Once she stopped, she then couldn't restart the car without the key. Is this an issue that manufacturers should rectify?

Why do keyless-start vehicles have key fobs that don't need to fit into an ignition type device in the vehicle to start it? Today, I got into my car and put the key fob in my pocket. After 10 miles or so, my wife took over the driving whilst I visited a friend. The fob was still in my pocket. My wife drove another 10 miles, stopped to get some shopping and could not restart the vehicle as I still had the keys! I'm in the doghouse now.

Asked on 2 March 2020 by Tony Stanton-Martin

Answered by Andrew Brady
Keyless start is intended to be more convenient. As you've found, that isn't always the case...
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