Do you know what T-Roc stands for

Do you know what T-Roc stands for because my dealership doesn't?

Asked on 25 February 2020 by Derek Brown

Answered by Andrew Brady
This is how Volkswagen explained it when the T-Roc was first revealed in 2017:
"The 'T' refers to the car's successful frontrunners, the Tiguan and Touareg, whose SUV DNA and strengths have been transferred to the new model – the high seating position, the robust qualities of the body and running gear and the all-wheel drive system that is included as standard for the top engines. The 'Roc' in the name has been derived from the English 'Rock', which stands for the positioning of the T-Roc as a crossover that combines the dominance of an SUV with the agility of a compact hatchback model. This car really rocks the segment – sometimes louder and sometimes more subdued, according to the optional equipment and colour combination selected. It is a new Volkswagen which takes the brand and its owners into the next decade of mobility."
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