Are catalytic converters easy for thieves to steal?

Is the catalytic converter on a 2014 SEAT Leon fairly easy to steal?

Asked on 26 February 2020 by paul spencer

Answered by Georgia Petrie
It's no easier than any other model really. Thieves tend to target easily identifiable hybrid cars - like the Toyota Prius. As well as being easier to identify, the catalytic converters on hybrid vehicles - which are powered by electric and petrol or diesel - are also used less frequently to remove pollutants. The metals are therefore less likely to corrode, which is another reason why they're more likely to be targeted for theft. The advice from police is to mark catalytic converters with a serial number to make it distinctive, install CCTV and alarms where possible and to park vehicles so as to prevent access underneath - however, thefts are more likely in built-up areas and cities anyway.

Try to park your car in a well-lit and well-populated area if possible and to park close to fences, walls or kerbs make the theft more difficult. If your catalytic converter is bolted on, you can also ask for your local garage to weld the bolts to make it more difficult to remove. You can also purchase devices that lock in around the converter to make it more difficult to remove too.
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