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I need to change my 2007 VW Touareg for a pick-up truck. What in your opinion is the best, most car-like pick up? It has to be automatic, have all the toys (at least as options), be relaxing and smooth to drive - I've looked at the usual L200, Hilux and Navara but there are so many different specs of each, I’m not really sure of what to look at further.

Asked on 22 May 2010 by V.S., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
None. Not one is "smooth to drive" because they are all trucks with leaf sprung rigid back axles capable of carrying at least one tonne. So they all bounce about a bit and crash over speed humps. But the fastest is the new Nissan Navara with an all-new 235PS 3.0 litre 65 degree V6 diesel that it shares with the Infiniti EX30d and Renault Laguna coupe. Auto is optional. My personal preference is for Isuzu D Max (Rodeo) and Chevrolet Colorado because they have amiable four cylinder chain-cam diesel engines and the best transmissions (I've got one of each). L200s handle best. HiLux are still all belt cam.
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