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About a year ago the driver's door on my daughter's Passat would not close. The repair was over £100 and took three days. Now the other front door refuses to close. The original workshop does not want the job as it takes many man-hours. The garage they recommended will do the job for £160. OK, it has to be done. The mechanic says he has done plenty of this type of job for Golfs and Passats. Is this a common fault and are VW aware of it?

Asked on 27 March 2010 by J.R., Derby

Answered by Honest John
You don't give the age of the cars. But yes, the locking ECU is part of the electric winder mechanism inside the driver's door where it is vulnerable to moisture ingress. Just don't expect VAG to issue a worldwide recall over this as Honda has done because it has been a known problem with VAG cars for at least 10 years
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