244mph speeding ticket

In October I received a speeding ticket alleging that I was doing 38mph (at 14.31hrs on 12 Oct 2009) in Carnforth, Lancashire. Consulting my diary I realised that at the time quoted I would be leaving/departing a cardiac exercise clinic (Heartbeat) in Fulwood, Preston and I then remembered, immediately after, going to my bank to order foreign currency for a forthcoming holiday - for which the request was timed, and signed by me, at 14.38 hrs. That left me to conclude that my registration number had been cloned or a clerical mistake had been made. I wrote advising that I would defend the allegation. As an ex-magistrate I was looking forward to my Court appearance. I would have found it interesting to ask the magistrates how I had covered 45km (28.57miles) in 7-minutes, averaging 244mph. I hadn't visited Carnforth for some months and sympathise with motorists who frequent their hometowns and who couldn't defend a speeding accusation in the absence of an alibi. Later, I received a letter dated 28th October saying that “due to a technical error the notice was issued incorrectly.” Nothing has been received resembling an acknowledgement that my number is suspected of being cloned. This leads me to believe that all receipts for petrol, groceries, in fact any transaction, should be kept for a time, just in case it could serve as an alibi or reminder of one's whereabouts. It is a poor 'do' we have to prove our innocence. They grudgingly will prove our guilt if pushed. So much for the Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety and their euphemistically named 'safety cameras'.

Asked on 20 February 2010 by J.T., Preston

Answered by Honest John
Remember, the latest development is that even if you have your day in court and prove your innocence of a motoring offence, unless you qualify for legal aid, you will still be liable for all your legal and court costs. This is to discourage you from challenging the accusation. They want you to simply accept that you are criminally liable, whether you are or not.
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