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I want a new Audi A6. My heart is saying petrol but the wallet is screaming diesel - which should I go for?

I’m considering buying a new Audi A6 next year, but I can’t make up my mind on which engine I should pick. I live in London and don’t do more than 6000 miles per year, I’d say 80% of which is city driving. I occasionally drive out of town at weekends and do one or two euro trips per year. At first glance, the petrol 45 TFSI may sound like the most logical option, but it only comes with Quattro all-wheel drive, does worse mpg, the higher purchase price and the car will depreciate more after 4 years (according to Audi’s officials PCP examples). The diesel is slower than the petrol (204PS vs 245PS) and probably won’t like short trips in London‘s congested traffic too much. Yes, it comes with SCR Ad-Blue system so the DPF should cope, but I’m worried about buying diesel with my mileage and usage. However, the diesel comes with a range of attractive benefits (the opposite of the petrols cons). To cut a long story short, the heart is saying petrol but the wallet is screaming diesel. Which voice should I listen to?

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Petrol. Diesels make no sense for 6000 miles a year, mainly in London.
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