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My 2007 BMW 120d front washers refuse to spray. The pump runs and even with the spay nozzle disconnected, no water emerges. From a review of Internet websites it seems there is a problem with the pump inlet filter blocking. Unfortunately the pump and washer bottle are located in the wheel arch behind the liner and cannot be easily accessed. This seems to be a common problem, but my local dealer (Barons of Farnborough) suggests that the blockage is not covered under warranty and will cost me £114 to have cleaned. I have never in 35 years of motoring experienced such a problem (blocked jets yes, but pump no) on a variety of makes and models of cars. I can understand that cleaning a blocked filter is not covered by warranties, but when the filter is inaccessible then this is a design fault and BMW must share some responsibility for this. Are you aware of this issue?

Asked on 23 January 2010 by R.F., Fleet, Hants

Answered by Honest John
I’ve seen this problem on Mondeos. The pressure can build up to such an extent that the pump pops out of the bung in the bottom of the washer reservoir hidden deep under the front wing. My fix is a quick two-person job. Get a hosepipe and shove it right down into the bottom of the washer reservoir. Then get someone else to turn on
the tap full. Jiggle the hose about a bit. The blast of water should
dislodge the slime blocking the mesh filter on the pump. Obviously, use your common sense and be aware it's a bit messy, but usually effective. If it works, you will then need to replenish the washer fluid with winter strength proper BMW fluid.
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