Is it possible to get a CD player for my 2019 Honda Civic?

I have just bought a 2019 Honda Civic and was surprised that when I got the car home and was examining the various gadgets I discovered there was no CD player. Is there a way around this? Can you suggest a supplier who might have a solution?

Asked on 7 October 2019 by Raymond Dolan

Answered by Dan Powell
Sales of CDs have plummeted in recent years, which means carmakers are increasingly phasing them out from their infotainment systems. Of course, you could buy an aftermarket audio system for £100 from Halfords to play your CDs. But it might be easier to download a music streaming service to your phone (like Spotify) and then plug your phone into the car's USB socket.

This will give you access to Apple CarPlay/Android Auto (if you own a compatible smartphone). You can then browse millions of songs (handsfree via voice command), without having to fiddle around with CDs. The only downside is your mobile data (on your phone) will increase and might push up your monthly bills by a few pounds.
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