Suffering from con cushion

If I can help in the campaign against speed cushions, please let me know. I run a small telco and have facilities to host a website on this issue. If I can get some material together, I rather feel like putting something up. I've also been thinking about the "mechanism" involved (I am a graduate engineer, although not the right type to do this rigorously). If you consider a pair of tyres travelling over the sides of a speed cushion, there are actually two reasons why it would cause wear: 1) The weight of the car is transferred to the inside part of the tyre and the Shoulder. 2) The "sloping nature of shoulder" means that the edge is travelling more slowly than the bottom of the tyre - because it is a smaller diameter. This means the edge/shoulder is literally scraped along the speed cushion, rather than rolling over it. (This would be much easier to explain with the aid of a diagram). I have a gut feeling that effect (2) is the most important. If I am right - then there is a very serious consequence - and that is once the abnormal wear has started - I.E. once you've worn a "corner" on the tyre, then the rate of abnormal wear will get faster and faster, because the larger the "corner" worn, the greater the degree of scrubbing (because the difference in diameter gets bigger. Does this make sense to you?

Asked on 16 January 2010 by A.B., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
I have been making those two completely logical points ceaselessly. And I'm going to keep hammering at this until we get rid of tyre lacerating speed cushions entirely. The frosts, ice and snow over Christmas will have made these abominations even more dangerous.
Tags: speed humps
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