Should I buy a hybrid or stick to petrol?

I'm looking to change my car. I need a practical reliable family car with decent performance, but I'd like your advice please on whether I should go for petrol or hybrid or electric? My concern is if I buy petrol the development and popularity of electric/hybrid cars will mean fuel prices will go up and the resale value of petrol cars will plummet.

Asked on 25 September 2019 by cremorne

Answered by Andrew Brady
I wouldn't be concerned about petrol cars being taxed off the road within the next five years. It wouldn't be a vote winner and hybrid/electric technology is still relatively new. If you'd like a hybrid and most of your driving is over short journeys or in urban areas, you could buy something like a Toyota Auris. I wouldn't feel it was necessary to limit your search to hybrids, though.
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