Volvo S40 2.0 SE 2001 clutch noise

When my car starts from cold for the first five minutess of driving when I let the clutch up to move off there is a short "whooo" type noise, is this the clutch plate or release bearing, or simply change fluids and lubricate linkages? During last cold snap i struggled to get away from set of lights on steep slope for about 60 seconds due to ice on road, when I moved off i could smell the clutch.

Asked on 6 January 2011 by All thumbs

Answered by Alan Ross
It's difficult to clarify the noise, but we would suggest that it is the release bearing. If the clutch is performing well, you may want to just live with the slight noise.

As for the damage to the clutch, well yes you have taken some mileage off the clutch but other than that if it still performs ok ,then continue to use it. If you want a simple check, start the car, put it in 2nd or 3rd gear, make sure the handbrake is on, release the clutch, keep the revs up to about 1500 to 2000. If the car stalls then the clutch is ok, if the car continues to run,(and you can hear and smell the clutch) then the clutch needs changing. P.S If you are going to change the clutch then change the release bearing as well
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