Is it worth paying significantly more for a low mileage used car?

I'm looking at second-hand cars with franchise dealers and I've found two similar cars - same spec, same age but different mileages. How much is it worth considering the mileage in the cost? Are there bands of mileage to consider (up to 10k, 11-20k etc.)? Should I be put off if the mileage is over 30k?

Asked on 19 August 2019 by Andrew Binks

Answered by Andrew Brady
There's no set rule. Personally, I'd be weary of a car with unusually low miles - what's it been used for? Has it been sat in a dealer's compound for a long period or did the previous owner only use it for very short journeys? Neither's good for the car. 30k miles is nothing for a modern car but it might affect its resale value if you're planning on adding lots of miles.
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