Can you recommend a four-wheel electric mobility scooter that will fit in a saloon?

Can you recommend a four-wheel electric mobility scooter that would fold easily into the boot of my Mercedes C-Class Saloon?

Asked on 1 August 2019 by Colin Davies

Answered by Heidi Turner
There are many collapsible mobility scooters on the market. I can't recommend a particular one because you need to make sure that the mobility scooter is also suitable for your specific needs. For example weight limits and what terrain you want the scooter for. Usually collapsible mobility scooters are light weight and only really designed to go over smooth even ground. The best advice I can give is to visit you local mobility shop where they will have lots of scooters for you try and you'll also be able to make sure the one that is right for your needs fits into your car boot for transportation.
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