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Windscreen washers

I live in the country and iced-up windscreens and frozen washer jets are a problem most winters, not just this one.

Do you have a solution to the problem of windscreen washer jets/supply pipes icing up, even with 50% washer fluid? And are there any after-market ways of getting a heated windscreen fitted?

I remember there used to be a tiny 12v heater blanket that could be wrapped round the supply pipe just below the jet, but I haven't seen this anywhere recently.

My last Land Rover had a heated windscreen but this was not an option on my current model (a Defender).

Asked on 22 December 2010 by AJR

Answered by Honest John
There used to be a thing called Hot Wash that clamped the washer pipes snugly next to the coolant pipes but I haven't seen it for a long time. Electrically heated washer jets are an option on some cars, but are very prone to causing battery leakdowns.
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