What used electric car should we get on a £10k budget?

My daughter has a MINI One but now she needs a four-door car. She wants a MINI-size, or slightly bigger electric car. They are very pricey at the moment and we live 160 miles away. I have suggested getting a used car for a few years until they become affordable and the mileage range increases. Her budget is under £10,000.

Asked on 5 June 2019 by David Hughes Jones

Answered by Andrew Brady
£10,000 is quite a limited budget for an electric car. You'll get one but range will be limited - the Nissan Leaf 24kWh could only cover around 80 miles when it was new, and batteries on a second-hand example will have degraded slightly since then. Has your daughter considered a hybrid? You could pick up a Toyota Yaris Hybrid within budget. This'll have five doors but it's quite a small car. Alternatively, look at the Toyota Auris, which is also a hybrid.
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