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I want to reduce the cost of my motoring - what electric car should I choose?

I would like to swap my 15-plate BMW 1 Series M Sport for an electric car to do the school run, which is a 20-mile round trip, and occasionally a 65-mile run to the airport. On the assumption there is a charging point at the airport or office and that I can use my solar panels at home, what would be a good choice of EV? I would like to buy on a monthly PCP arrangement. My main motivator is reducing the total cost of motoring.

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It certainly sounds like an EV would suit your use - although do some research into charging at airports first. I spent six months with an e-Golf and found it very tricky trying to charge near an airport, unfortunately: www.honestjohn.co.uk/our-cars/volkswagen-e-golf/.

Don't let that put you off, though - many cars will be able to cover the 130-mile round trip off a charge, and you could always stop somewhere on the way home for a rapid charge. I'd recommend the Hyundai Ioniq Electric - it's an excellent EV with a range of up to 174 miles.
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