What happens to a personalised registration if the keeper dies?

I currently have a four-digit registration plate. What is the process to retain it in the family should I die. My son has the same initials as me and in that event, I would like it to pass over to him. What pre-emptive action should I take? Also, what happens to the ownership of the number should the car ever be written-off?

Asked on 12 February 2019 by Billy Mac

Answered by Honest John
Is it on a car? If it isn't, you simply make the retention certificate part of your estate and leave it to a beneficiary. If it's on a car, it goes with the car, so you leave the car to a beneficiary. If it's on a car that is in a crash and cannot be transferred to a retention certificate or to another car before the car is written off, then you lose it completely. Yon never 'own' a registration. However much you paid for it, you only lease it from the DVLA on the DVLA's terms.
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