How do I know if the DPF in my car is regenerating?

I have a diesel Nissan X-Trail and I try to limit the number of short journeys. When I have to use it I tend to drive in the 2000rpm plus bracket. I have done 12,700 miles this way yet I have never noticed a DPF regeneration symbol on my dash.
I am sure that the 2016 X-Trail having a DPF should have such a display. Do you know when the regeneration should be working on this model, and would the dash symbol be universal?

Asked on 6 November 2018 by Barrie Lindsey

Answered by Honest John
There is no DPF regeneration signal on anything. No car has one. They should have and it would be easy to rig via a heat sensor, but manufacturers choose not to fit them because it reminds drivers of an inconvenience of owning a diesel. I have a Renault Koleos which is the same vehicle with a different body. No DPF trouble at all.
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