I got a fine for driving in a bus lane at 1am - is that fair?

I have a PCN for driving in a bus lane in an area that isn't familiar to me. I had been to a wedding reception and it was 12.50am, so assumed that there was no issue driving in the bus lane. I now realise that as there are no times shown on the signage that the bus lane is in effect 24/7. I wondered what your thoughts are, as seemingly, many thousands of PCNs are being charged for this offence.

Asked on 23 September 2018 by Sue

Answered by Honest John
Just pay up and don't make any assumptions about bus lanes in the future. I always stay out of them unless I can clearly see signs telling me the times I can drive in them. But I agree, it makes no sense to penalise drivers for using bus lanes at times of the night when there aren't any buses.
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