I was offered a very low trade-in value for my car - is this a common dealer practice?

I visited a main dealer to have some work done on the front brakes of my 2006 CR-V, which has done 113,00 miles with a Full Main Dealer service history. Whilst there, I asked the mileage on a 2010 CR-V with a similar spec to my car and was persuaded to have a test drive. I needed to bring my car back today to complete the work, so the salesman said he would 'put together a deal' taking my car in part exchange against the car I had test driven. This included the usual rubbish about the 'must have options' like fancy polish and treatment to the seats at £499 (inflating the price to £12,500 from £10,999), with a value of £430 on my car - which is the price of a set tyres or thereabouts. Mine has a set of almost new Goodyears whereas theirs has four odd tyres of all different makes. Is this how main dealers behave towards potential customers in you experience? I found eight similar cars to mine for sale online at ten times the dealer's offer. We all have to make a living, but this is ridiculous. Is this practice widespread?

Asked on 24 August 2018 by Jim Plant

Answered by Honest John
A lot of salesmen try it on like this because of the stupid way they are employed in the UK on a very low basic salary that is only made up by commission. That's what makes them either greedy or desperate for money.
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