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Service history documents for a used car I bought haven't been provided - what can I do?

I recently purchased a Volkswagen Polo via a private sale advertised online. It came with a Full Service History and 12 months MoT. I decided to buy the car on the agreement that the service history and MoT documents would be provided, although they would not be seen at the time of purchase. After six weeks the seller has not provided the documents, even though I've reminded him multiple times. I'm pleased with the car itself, but I bought it based on the fact that the service history and MoT documents would be provided. What can I do? Can I use the small claims court to claim for a partial refund?

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The vendor is in breach of contract. Remind him of this and tell him that if he does not either provide the promised documentation that was part of the sale, or take the car back and refund your money, you will sue him in the Small Claims track of the County Court.
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