Can we dispute the amount our insurer has valued our written off car at?

My daughter's BMW 118d 2009 was written off. She refused the insurers offer of £4000 but they still sent her a cheque. How does she stand if a direct replacement is more?

Asked on 30 July 2018 by Ian laker

Answered by Tim Kelly
Contact the insurer and advise that you accept payment on a "without prejudice basis" only (this is if the vehicle is definitely a total loss, i.e the repair costs are more than the car). Advise the insurer that you wish to raise a complaint and dispute the market value. Ask them to provide screen prints of both Glass Guide and CAP guide showing how they valued her car. Then obtain the same your self from another independent source (ask a nice car dealer). You can always if you wish not cash the cheque. I do sometimes recommend this if it may be possible to get the car repaired.
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