I want to install electric charging points at my office, how do I begin this process?

My friend runs a small business with about 50 employees. He wants to install one or two car charging points in his office car park because an increasing number of his employees are buying electric vehicles. Where should he start the process of looking at getting these installed? What's the best way to find the cost of fitting, who to contact about the installation etc?

Asked on 2 August 2018 by martin tonbridge

Answered by Georgia Petrie
The Government offers businesses, charities and local authorities financial support to have charge points installed through the Workplace Charging Scheme. To eligible companies, the grant provides up to £500 per socket at 75 per cent of the total cost of installation to be installed (only for off-street parking though). These must provide a minimum of 3kW, with the supply not diminished by charging multiple vehicles simultaneously. You can find more about it here: www.gov.uk/government/publications/workplace-charg...s.

The main costs are the price of the unit and the installation. EV charge points can only be fitted by accredited OLEV installers. I'd recommend getting a few quotes from installers, a quick Google should bring up plenty of options. The best thing to do would be to install chargers that best fit the needs of the employees' vehicles. You can look here to see what cars use what chargers, i.e. Type 1 or 2, 3.7kW/7kW/up to 22kW: pod-point.com/landing-pages/list-of-all-ev-connect...s
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