I had an accident and am now being encouraged to claim for injuries I don't have - this is right?

I was hit by a van in May. The other driver accepted responsibility and his insurance company paid me. I did not claim any personal compensation as I had felt no physical consequences. I have now had a call from the representatives of his insurance company. They have said that the other driver claimed minor aches and pains (due to seat belt apparently) and since research shows that if one driver did then the other one probably did also they want me to say the same (minor aches and pains) and they will compensate me. Would I be reducing any ability to claim if there a more serious consequences which could be traced back to the event later?

Asked on 16 July 2018 by A W Hargreaves

Answered by Tim Kelly
To claim for injuries you do not have is fraud. Do not do it. If the other driver was at fault, he cannot claim for his own injuries, as he is not covered. No research shows that if one driver did then the other one probably did, so someone here is telling lies to you.They are also probably not from his insurance company either.
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