How much weight is it safe to tow with our car?

I am interested in a 2.5i Subaru Outback which is plated to tow 2 tonnes. Our trailer plus horse is 1350kg. 85% of the Outback's kerb weight of 1612kg is 1370kg, so scrapes in the Caravan Club's old "85%" rule so I should be able to stay both legal and safe. Do you think I need to be aware of anything else? I have to say that I'm not sure about the CC's advice as it would mean that the big Land Rovers, Land Cruisers and Shoguns of the world would only be able to tow about 1.5 tonnes against the 3.5 they all claim.

Asked on 14 July 2018 by watney

Answered by Honest John
The CC "85% rule" is for towing two wheel caravans with two wheel drive cars. It's because light and boxy caravans are less stable things to tow than, for example, a racing car on a trailer.
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