My car is going to be delivered later than expected - can we hold off registration a few days to get the 68-plate?

My husband ordered a new car for me in May for delivery near my birthday (end of June). I'm now informed that it will be in this country for 4 August, which would mean we would probably get it in mid-August. Can we ask the dealer to postpone the registration until 1 September so that we get the 68 reg plate instead of 18?

Asked on 11 July 2018 by wilson

Answered by Honest John
Depends. Not if it's NEDC certificated. But yes if it's certificated to EU6d TEMP / WLTP emissions standard. It would be illegal and actually impossible to register a non-EU6d TEMP / WLTP after 31 August. Worst still, if you attempted and failed the car would have to be crushed, so essential to get a non-EU6d TEMP / WLTP registered on or before 31 August.
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