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My son's newly bought Mazda CX-5 cut out and the engine management light is on - what's wrong with it?

My son purchased a 2014 Mazda CX-5 2.2d with 27,000 miles on from a Mazda dealer. It cut out at a roundabout and would not start and the Engine Management light was on. It was towed back to the dealer, but so far they say they cannot fix it and are consulting Mazda. I dipped the oil when it stopped and it seemed very sludgy, but the level was normal. Has my son bought a lemon?

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If the engine is repeatedly switched off while the DPF is regenerating then the post-injected diesel intended to fire the DPF sinks into the sump, raises the engine oil level and forms a sludge that can block the sump strainer.
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