My car broke down because of too much oil in the engine - can this be fixed?

I have an Audi A6 2008 and last week on the way to having a service, the car blew loads of blue smoke out of the exhaust. It was towed back to my address and I had a mechanic come out look at it - they said there was too much oil in the engine. He drained a gallon out and got it started but he says it needs to be taken apart and the system flushed out. Apparently the engine is not damaged. I have asked him for an approx price to do this but he insists he can't tell me. I live in Tilbrook, a tiny village near Kimbolton and desperately need the car fixed. Can you offer any advice or an approximate price that you think as a ball park figure. I am disabled, on my own and have no family and I lost my son recently.

Asked on 26 June 2018 by Jan Little

Answered by Honest John
I'm very sorry for your situation. It reads to me as if you have been switching off the engine while the DPF was actively regenerating using post-injected diesel. Instead of being burned in the DPF some of the post injected diesel has sunk into the engine oil sump, contaminating the engine oil and raising its level. Once it gets past a certain point, being a compression ignition engine, the engine can run uncontrollably on the oil/diesel mixture in the sump. But if the engine starts, then a proper oil service (possibly including removal of the sump to get rid of all the contaminated oil) should sort it out. This shows you local servicing garages, including Hofmans of Bicton: / I think the mechanic is being honestly cautious about giving you a price because he is not sure of what damage occurred and the same would probably be true of any garage.
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