Can I have temporary insurance cover for my old car I'm selling?

I currently have motor insurance with Quote Me Happy. I'm considering the purchase of another car and may possibly have someone who could be interested in buying my old car as a private sale. It's quite likely that there will be a period of time, hopefully fairly short, in which I will own both cars and will need to insure them both simultaneously. Please can you advise the best way of doing this. I have tried contacting QMH to see if they will allow me to add a second vehicle to my policy on a temporary basis but haven't received a reply yet. As an online-only insurer, the only options are either to look at their FAQs (which don't cover this scenario) or to send them an online question - which I have done.

Asked on 18 June 2018 by

Answered by Tim Kelly
I would do as you have done, as there should be no reason why they cannot put another vehicle on temporarily, as it is a common thing. Alternatively, insure your new vehicle separately, request your proof of no claims from your current insurer, advise that you will be cancelling the policy soon,as you are selling the car soon. The time taken in doing this will generally cover the cross over. Quote me Happy are Aviva, contact Aviva Customer services and they will have no issue adding an additional car for you.
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