Top 10: Celebrity car endorsements

Celebrities can't help themselves when it comes to standing by a car and grinning it seems. We're not talking about real celebrities here like Harrison Ford next to a Toyota Prius, we're talking proper British celebs who are one red carpet away from taking part in a celebrity darts tournament with Antony Costa. So here's our top 10 favourite celebrity car endorsements.


Atomic Kitten & MG ZRs

If there ever was a natural fit between a band and brand it would be Atomic Kitten and MG. This photo was taken after the one who went to advertise prawn rings for Iceland had left. Still, they all look happy although that's probably because the cars had yet to develop a mysterious electrical problem or indeed see their resale values plummet. Rumour has it that these MGs requested to have their identities hidden.


Chris Ellison & Jeep Compass

There's a lot going on here. And it's all truly wonderful. DCI Burnside playing Captain Hook stood by a Jeep Compass which appears to be blocking the entrance to the Harlow Playhouse. And that's not even his real hair apparently. Still, Peter Pan is probably better than the shortlived The Bill spin-off Burnside, although to his credit Chris Ellison was once in an episode of The Professionals. Where's your career Chris? "It's behind you..."


Duncan James & SEAT Leon

This looks alarmingly like one of those 1970s public information films telling kids to be aware of getting into cars with strange men. It could only be more unsettling if Antony Costa was doing it. Also, while Duncan James is good at singing the Blue classic All Rise, here he's not only parked on double yellows but also appears to be in a red route. That's a £130 fine Mr James.


Peter Crouch & Hyundai Santa Fe

Peter Crouch is tall apparently. Not that anyone's ever noticed or made a thing out of it. Still, at least Hyundai didn't get him to do the 'robot' in this pic. It's good that Crouchy put his best jeans on for this photoshoot though which appears to have taken place in some sort of pub car park. The barbed wire is an especially charming touch.


Atomic Kitten & SEAT Alhambra

Hang on. Weren't this lot in MGs earlier on? Or is this before that when they all got along and would happily travel in one car. Or is that The Sugababes? Anyway, Kerry from Iceland is here so this must be Atomic Kitten the 'original' line-up. It does look like the perfect day for a photoshoot by the sea with all those grey clouds and a lovely breeze. You can just sense the enthusiasm. I bet that Alhambra didn't even have heated seats.


Michael Vaughan & Jaguar S-Type

That's better, a bit of class with former cricket man Michael Vaughan and a nice Jaguar. He's even wearing a suit - take note Peter Crouch. That's not to say it's the most original of ideas though - he's a cricketer, we get it. Although out of this top 10 this is the only situation where we could imagine the celebrity actually driving the car they're stood next to. Michael is the perfect Jaguar man. I bet he even smells of leather.


Delia Smith & Proton Gen-2

"Let's be 'avin you!". Ahh, nothing is quite as amusing as watching a half-cut Delia shouting at Norwich fans through a microphone. Apart from maybe her having to be pictured next to a Proton. Her grimace seems to be saying 'take the photo now so I can get in my Range Rover and go home...'


Fabio Capello & Vauxhall Insignia

Smooth one time England manager Fabio Capello is rocking jeans and a jacket here. There is no way he ever drove an Insignia Estate. Or Sports Tourer or whatever they want to call it now. He's got to be an S-Class man. Although being an estate, he could have put all his footballs and those little cones in the back of the Vauxhall. And then all the kits when he had to wash them. That's what the England manager does right?


Craig from Big Brother & Hyundai Santa Fe

Craig Phillips (no we didn't know his surname either) won the first ever Big Brother, when it was all new and exciting in 2000 with Nasty Nick, who to be fair is more memorable. And what fame and fortune it commanded. As we can see here, Craig is proudly atop the bonnet of a first generation diesel Hyundai Sante Fe and boy is he happy. Probably because he hasn't had to try and work out how the stereo works yet.


Atomic Kitten (again) & Toyota

Here's Atomic Kitten. Again. Some cynical people would have you believe they would happily be photographed in front of anything but you'd be wrong. Because this time they couldn't even be bothered to be with the car, instead they've left it to the magic of Photoshop. Still denim was clearly popular in 2003 and there's no Kerry Katona now but there is the one who's from Snog Marry Avoid on BBC Three. We've never seen it, we just came across an epsiode on the way to BBC Four to watch a documentary about viaducts. Honest. We've definitely NOT series linked it.