Our Cars: Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion

After six months, it's time to say goodbye to the Polo. And it will be sorely missed.
The 1.2-litre TDI engine in the Polo may be 'characterful' but it shows no signs of getting quieter even after 12,000 miles.
It's the end of May and time to renew the car tax on our Polo. And the pleasant news is that it will cost absolutely nothing.
A small leak from a diesel can in the boot highlights an annoying problem with the Polo's fitted boot carpet.
Getting a chip in your windscreen is always annoying. But it seems to be an occupational hazard when you live in a rural area, where a chip very quickly becomes a crack.
We take on the might of the M25 in our frugal little Polo to find exactly how economical it can be. But how will it do? Read on to find out...
So just how economical is our Polo BlueMotion? Well we're going to put it to the ultimate test as we see how many times we can 'lap' the M25...
The Polo BlueMotion may be the cleanest model in the Volkswagen range but is it worth paying the extra over a normal 1.2 TDI Polo?
The latest Polo has far more in common with the Golf than ever before, both on the inside and out. In fact it's so good it's a genuine alternative to its large counterpart.
Volkswagen's range of BlueMotion models is expanding (with new BlueMotion Technology versions) but are they worth paying a premium for?
You'd expect an eco car with a modest engine to be good in town but not necessarily adept on the motorway. So perhaps our Polo is having an identity crisis?
The greenest version in the Volkswagen line-up becomes the first car to be featured in the new 'our cars' section where we'll be running it for six months.

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