Our Cars: Suzuki Ignis 1.2 SZ5 Allgrip

The Suzuki Ignis leaves the HJ fleet after six months, so what are Georgia's final thoughts on the marmite city car?
Georgia investigates what the word Ignis, among some other car names, actually means.
It's snowed a lot recently, but how has Georgia's Suzuki Ignis coped with the conditions?
City cars are massive in the UK, with Volkswagen Up being a popular sight about towns. But where are all the Ignis?
Georgia has the mild hybrid Suzuki Ignis, but what does that mean exactly?
Georgia goes through the Suzuki Ignis' own form of range anxiety...
So the Ignis is cheap, but is it cheerful? Georgia gets into whether quality is worth paying that little bit more for...
Georgia figures out what you actually get for your money in the Ignis, compared to the standard equipment in a Volkswagen Up.
Georgia starts to notice little niggles with the Suzuki Ignis.
Georgia takes a look at the influence of a Japanese cult classic on the Suzuki Ignis.
The Suzuki Ignis might be a top-class city car, but how does it fare when Georgia drives it in a less urban setting?
The Suzuki Ignis is the newest member of the HJ fleet, but what are Georgia's first impressions?

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