Our Cars: Subaru Levorg 1.6i GT Lineartronic

After six months with the Subaru Levorg, are we any the wiser as to its purpose? Simon ponders its place in the automotive world.
The Levorg has a huge amount of technology as standard. But Simon finds not all of it is as welcome as it is useful.
Want to avoid the stigma of driving in 'economy' mode? Simon finds you can in the Subaru Levorg.
Does the fact that the auto-only Levorg comes with a particular type of gearbox harm its appeal? Auto-loving Simon thinks not.
Subaru is one of the brands currently associated with the British Touring Car Championship, with BMR Racing running Levorgs. Simon assesses whether the racing heritage rubs off on the road car.
Have we been overstating the fuel consumption issue with the Subaru Levorg? Simon thinks so.
The time has come for Dan to say goodbye to the Subaru and summarise his time with the thirsty estate.
A small stone chip turns into a big problem as Dan's windscreen cracks up in the heat.
Dan heads to mainland Europe for a weekend to see how the Levorg performs as holiday transport.
The Subaru Levorg looks great. Sadly its performance is not as impressive, as Dan explains.
Subaru's estate has plenty to offer, including a huge boot. But how does it compare to the competition?
Dan swaps his compact and efficient Suzuki Baleno hatchback for the big and bold Subaru estate.

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