Our Cars: Skoda Superb Estate 2.0 TDI 150 4x4

Find out what the real world miles per gallon of our long-term load-lugger is
We swap our diesel estate for a petrol hatch - which is better?
Time to get the niggles on our long-term diesel estate sorted.
Skoda's rich cycling heritage makes it easy to transport road bikes in the Superb estate
We put our long-term load lugger through its paces on the continent
Our long-term Skoda is full of hidden surprises designed to make life easier.
A faulty Superb Estate allows us to get an earlier than expected chance to experience Skoda's dealer network.
Thanks to our big Skoda Superb wagon, Keith is able to indulge his love of large rear ends.
The Superb gets a baptism of fire as Keith takes it on a family holiday. Surely this will all end well..
Is the Skoda Superb Estate the best family load-lugger on the market? Keith has the next six months to find out...

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