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Our Cars: Skoda Rapid 1.6 TDI SE

6 September 2013: Water torture

The Details

Current mileage 14,495
Claimed economy 64.2mpg
Actual economy 58.6mpg

It's back on track and back to work after a holiday in France and the Rapid, true to Skoda’s word, was delivered back to me cleaned and checked by their technicians after they requested a look at the leaky doors problem. I had searched online about this problem and it seems a few people had also experienced the same issue with water in the rear doors. A worrying sign.

So I was confident the problem was fixed and with no more sloshing noises the car seemed fine. That was the case for three days and then in true British summer style it rained. And unfortunately the problem re-surfaced with the driver side and then passenger side rear doors full of water.

Skoda contacted me on its return and it does seem there is a known problem so its technicians have carried out a procedure from factory guidelines to fix it but unfortunately it hasn't worked, or it did but only temporarily and now the water build up is back I'm afraid to say.

So it's back to square one on this. I have worked out a way to drain the water out of the doors by gently pulling the rubber seal away from the bodywork in various places but it still remains a mystery as to how the water build up occurs in the first place. It's not a fix I'm really after here, more of an explanation as to how so much gets in.

We all know what happens when water and metal mix with oxygen and that's not something you want from a brand new car. Without a solution I guess that's exactly what will inevitably happen to the underside of the doors as time goes by. Hopefully Skoda will get back to me with a more permanent fix. Fortunately the rear doors have manual windows as opposed to electric, so I guess in this instance there’s no electrical worry.

However, I have now noticed another area where there's significant water seemingly entering the car. After the rain last week I noticed on opening the boot, that once the tailgate is fully open, water on the rear glass flows back down the glass to the roofline where it then goes back down either side of the boot opening. When it reaches the rear lights there's a pretty big gap, at least 5mm, where the water simply flows down inbetween the body work and the light cluster.

Open the boot a few times on a rainy day and that's quite a significant amount of water being channelled, where it disappears to I don't know, into the depths of the inside of the car it seems.

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6 September 2013: Water torture
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